Wednesday , April 25 2018

World is in a Mood to Follow The Cannabis Route

Now that cannabis has been in the limelight for a long, we are slowly beginning to believe in its sheer prowess. Medical marijuana? Yes, of course.  Texas seems to be on the way to approve the use of cannabis oil for epilepsy sufferers. Besides, many American states are opting for the cannabis magic after that criminalization for ever so long, dating back to the 1930s that is.

Part of the evil reputation stems from the fact that cannabis was considered as a gateway to harder drugs like heroin and cocaine or even worse. It is now revealed that American states with medical marijuana laws had fewer deaths from hard drug overdose like opioids. That would mean that medical cannabis reduced the severity of deaths by opioid overdose.

Cannabis overdose kills nobody in fact and that is certain. Nausea and drowsiness may develop but absolutely no chance of death. Cannabis abuse is safer at least from the mortality point of view unlike hard drugs and alcohol abuse. Marijuana may be mildly addictive but does not kill anyway.


Besides, like in many other fields like gender issues, the decriminalization of cannabis possession for recreational use in Illinois shows which direction the winds are blowing. What does the future have in store?  In any case, some European countries have followed a liberal policy towards marijuana for a long, long time. Most of the world believes in the medical healing qualities of marijuana. Some of the dramatic claims like marijuana curing cancer may be yet unproved but many voices may be indicating partial truths.

We should also consider the various applications like hemp rope and building materials those are derived from the sturdy cannabis plant, now and in the future as well.

Strangely, enough hops and marijuana have affinity so a combination could give rise to marijuana beer. These two are often consumed together anyway. When cannabis is combined with other drugs or alcohol, dangers may occur like in road accidents under the debilitating influence. When cannabis is eaten like in cakes or drunk in a tea rather than smoked, the impact would be stronger for those looking for greater heights.


Cannabis has come to stay in several developed countries besides the remote Asian and south American jungles where the illegal trade continues in huge proportions. The internet made it so much easier to procure seeds, cultivate in secret farms, buy and sell. And why ever not? Spirituality is assured through marijuana as food of the gods besides all the medical cures that it promises and safe recreation for youngsters. Millions of school children have tried it anyway.

Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman among many celebrities gave it a try. Good times are coming in the cannabis embrace.

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