Wednesday , April 25 2018

White Widow Autoflower

Since the discovery of Ruderalis, the plant has been revolutionizing the Marijuana industry like no flower ever has. The seeds of this plant have crossed the globe and fertilized nearly every strain of female plant in existence. It’s safe to say that Ruderalis gets around. White widow, one of the most popular strains of all time has now become the brood mother of thousands of autoflowering seeds. Check this link to buy white widow autoflowering seeds.


As one of the most popular strains of all time, White Widow has won countless awards over the years at Cannabis Cup’s everywhere. Breeding an autoflower strain of White Widow would have to respect the roots of the strain, so getting the perfect mix is pivotal. If the plant has too much Ruderalis it can’t be considered Ruderalis. This delicate balance of strains is always considered by the breeders at, who are the best in the Industry.

Harvest dense, crystalline buds in less than 3 months. The THC of this hybrid still soars to nearly 20%, but production depends on plant care and proper harvesting. The plant maintains a relatively High amount of CBD and CBN and can make for the ideal plant for those looking to grow their own medicine. Especially in cases of limited space. There is no better strain, and no better way to grow the plant.

Trust the Best Growers in the Industry

Arjan and Franco have been leading the Industry with their strain discovery and expert breeding for more than two decades. White Widow Autoflower is an addition to a stellar line up of seeds and strains that they have made all their own. Nearly every breed they produce of now has the addition of Cannabis Ruderalis because of its autoflowering tendencies. In contrast with normal seeds, which start flowering based on the hours of light available, Ruderalis plants start flowering after a predetermined time.

white has everything that it takes to get plants from seed to buds even for beginner growers. They have online resources that discuss How to grow marijuana, fertilizers, and the best strains for the space at hand. These seeds work great in small gardens and large scale Sea of Green commercial operations alike. Just wait for the super autoflowers that start flowering later in life and grow vastly more bud if a grower has the space. This also allows for outdoor plants to flower outdoors when the light is at 18 hours a day, allowing the flowers to grow to their greatest potential

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