Wednesday , April 25 2018

Time Has Come to Vote on Medical Cannabis

Amid the bay at the Capitol, a major disappointment of the law meeting has been Democrats actually declining to let a vote on the matter of medical cannabis. It’s been said that legislators are getting hefty wages and per diem for this so-called part-time job. Democrats take this job so seriously that they just decided to build themselves a new unit SLOB (State Legislative Office Building) worth $90 million. If they are going to invest dollars on new place for political parties, then what they can do is do their job for which they’re paid for. Voting on major issues is one of the major tasks and medical cannabis is one of those significant matters.

Vote Cannabis

Medical marijuana isn’t a partisan issue; throughout Minnesota, majorities of Republican, Democrat, and independent voters back medical marijuana. In fact, they want to see more licensed medical doctors being accessed to prescribe cannabis to patients. Moreover, more than half the citizens back medical use of cannabis, as it treats many health conditions. People have heard many stories from patients about the advantages of medical cannabis and how it relieves pain. Minnesota parents have given medical marijuana to their kids as it has powerful ingredients to cure stress and pain. These stories have encouraged people and independent voters to cast their vote to support medical marijuana. Moreover, it has dramatically reduced the cases of seizures for kids, helping to relieve pain for patients suffering from terminal syndrome and studies suggest that it eases or reduces the effects of PTSD (traumatic stress).

Sadly, Democrats are paying attention in St. Paul, despite knowing the positive results of Minnesota folks. Governor Dayton had given a blank check to law enforcement to stop medical cannabis bill and moreover, he said that he would reject any law having no enforcement backing.

The support from law enforcement is needed, especially in case of cannabis and objections should not dominate the positive results of Minnesota families. People who support medical cannabis say that protests or disapproval shouldn’t take priority over life changing pros for Minnesota folks, who are in bad state with disturbing health conditions. It should not be given higher priority or authority over legislative Democrats and it should let members to vote on the delicate issue of medical marijuana.

Minnesota is one such state in the country that has recognized and identified the positive effects and decriminalized medical cannabis. It has also been getting to hear that families are considering relocating to other states, where legal medical marijuana is already in action. Patients are thinking to relocate as soon as possible so that they can get legal treatment. Democrats should understand this situation and not let any family to relocate or leave the state.

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