Wednesday , April 25 2018

Thousands Attend High Times Medical Cannabis Cup Fest in San Bernardino

Over the weekend, several thousands of cannabis patients and weed advocates met at the National Orange Show Events Center for attending the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup fest.

A B.o.B. rap concert was held at the event on Saturday night and was ended on Sunday with an awards ceremony for the leading medicinal cannabis strains and products. The different segments of medicinal cannabis contest included Indica, Sativa, concentrates, and edible product.

High Times magazine’s publisher, Mary McEvoy told that it was like a good housekeeping approval seal. She stated, “This is like winning an Olympic Gold for these people. You get in the magazine and you get to use the logo, and it gives great authenticity for these companies to say we are a third party verifier of their quality.”

McEvoy told that evaluations were carried out offsite and the products that entered the contest were also assessed at laboratories to decide their quality.

High Times Medical Cannabis Cup Fest

A breeder from San Francisco, Christopher Phillips’ Blue Diamond O.G. strain (ocean cultivated) had taken part in the Sativa contest. Phillips is the CEO of a San Francisco based medicinal marijuana dispensary, MCS Delivery.

Phillips told that patients could attend these events daily and visualize all things on an extensive scale, right from tinctures and edibles to flowers and dabs. They can actually experience to what extent the medicine works for them and then take it back home to add to their collection. This way, they would know the right way to treat them. She stated – “It’s great to see that you have so many people coming from everywhere with different techniques and different lifestyles of growing.”

Around 200 vendors exhibited their products in a treatment area for those visitors with medicinal marijuana cards. The contests are conduced each year in San Francisco, San Bernardino, Seattle, and Denver, where recreational usage of marijuana is legalized now and taxed under their respective state laws.  In the states of Washington and Colorado, the event is known as U.S. Cannabis Cup.

Menefee-based VIP Meds dispensary’s Brian Sebern told that it was an awesome event, where many people from the same counterculture and community to converge and learn many new things.

These events are modeled following the championship event of High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam. Thousands of them were present at the San Bernardino event every day, according to McEvoy.

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