The Top 8 Surprising Health Benefits of Medical Cannabis

Now that marijuana is now legal in few parts of the world, many states have been trying if they could do the same and get marijuana legalized. But in the argument what most people forget is all the health benefits that marijuana provides.

And if you are still confused about it, here is a list of 8 surprising health benefits of medical marijuana.

1)   Restricts HIV from Spreading throughout the Body

THC prevents HIV

Perhaps, in the most unexpected news, researchers have discovered that a very active ingredient of marijuana, THC prevents HIV to spread in the body.

2)   It Can Slow Down Alzheimer’s Progression


It has been found in a study that marijuana has the ability to block a particular enzyme, which works behind the progression of Alzheimer’s. It also restricts the protein clumps, which inhibit cognition and memory.

3)   It Acts as an Active Pain Reliever

Pain Reliever

The anti-inflammatory pain relief property of marijuana has proved to be effective in treating several illness and medical conditions like multiple sclerosis, arthritis, rheumatoid, and even migraines. And the effect of marijuana is considered hundred times much better than that of aspirin.

4)   It Can Be of Great Help with Opiate Condition


As marijuana has proven to be an effective medication, it can gradually reduce the dependence on the opiate-based medication, which holds more addictive qualities.

5)   It Reduces Anxiety, Depression and ADHD

Depression and ADHD

A recent study discovered that people who consume marijuana occasionally or on daily basis have much lower depression levels symptoms when compared to the ones who never tried their hands on the drug. When consumed in small doses, they can help in relieving anxiety and various symptoms of ADHD.

6)   It Can Help People with Neurological Damage like Strokes and Concussions


Many researches have showed that marijuana has few neuro protective qualities. And these qualities are very capable of limiting the neurological damage after any sort of trauma or stroke.

7)   It Has the Ability to Prevent Blindness from Glaucoma

 Blindness from Glaucoma

Marijuana has the capability to prevent blindness in people suffering from glaucoma by reducing the pressure inside their eye. Researchers have discovered that marijuana is quite effective in decreasing the eye pressure when ingested intravenously, orally or by inhalation.

8)   It Is Associated with Lower Levels of Insulin in Diabetes


A major finding in the field of marijuana is that the current marijuana users tend to have better carbohydrate metabolism when compared to the ones who don’t use marijuana. As per a recent study, the current users of marijuana have 16 percent lower insulin levels than former users or those who never use.

The above mentioned 8 surprising facts make marijuana a great medical aid in the field of medicines.

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