Wednesday , April 25 2018

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Cannabis Are Grown Far From Schools

cannabis use from school

However broad minded the people are there is a pull back when there is the topic of cannabis. The parents are fully opposing the legalization of cannabis. When it was illegal in itself, many people were falling prey for addiction and if it is legalized there may be more victims. If used wisely cannabis is a good drug for the ...

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Stoned Driving: Is It Really That Bad?

Let’s talk about drunk driving for just a moment. Let me share with you a few facts and stats collected by the authoritative Mothers Against Drunk Driving: EVERY TWO MINUTES, A PERSON IS INJURED IN A DRUNK DRIVING CRASH. DRUNK DRIVING COSTS THE UNITED STATES $199 BILLION A YEAR. DRUNK DRIVING COSTS EACH ADULT IN THE UNITED STATES ALMOST $800 PER ...

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Cannabis Oil Arrives In Texas… Maybe

Incredible but true: the Texas House tentatively approved a bill that would allow patients who suffer from epilepsy to use low-THC cannabis. The text of the bill defines low-THC cannabis as “the plant Cannabis sativa L., and any part of that plant or any compound, manufacture, salt, derivative, mixture, preparation, resin, or oil of that plant that contains: (A)  not more than 0.5 percent ...

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