Wednesday , April 25 2018

Chief Practicing Neurosurgeon of CNN Talks about Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Dr. Sanjay Gupta, chief medical correspondent and practicing neurosurgeon of CNN, talks about health benefits of medical cannabis. If you have any questions or concerns regarding marijuana, you can contact him on Reddit, where he’ll be addressing about the beneficial effects of the plant.

Talking about his thoughts about the legalization and use of medical marijuana, the doctor said that he has been extremely apologetic for not considering the positive impacts of the plant. He started writing about the plant about 8 months ago and he started his words against the plant, and now he is feeling sorry for whatever he told in the past.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta

He apologized for not digging deep into the matter and for posting contents dismissing its use. He said his old posts might have misled people and he felt bad that people might not have received the needed marijuana medication that might have helped them in many ways.

He stated –

I have been reminded that a true and productive scientific journey involves a willingness to let go of established notions and get at the truth, even if it is uncomfortable and even it means having to say ‘sorry’.

Many doctors and surgeons have expressed disappointment over the medical use of marijuana. Gupta was one among them and initially even he was against all these. It isn’t quite easy to ‘ask sorry’ in public note, but Dr. Gupta apologized for patients’ healthier life. The medical research is about growing number of people, who want marijuana plant as a reliable drug to treat their problems, not to get high.

The improved technology and science has shown what cannabis plant can do for human body. Medical science has proved how it offers better insight into the functions of cannabis in the mind. Research of medical marijuana is happening since hundreds of years and now many states have legalized, after realizing the positive impacts. However, there are many nations reluctant to approve. This journey of medical cannabis is Draconian scheme, where politics lead science and as a result, people are stuck in the middle.

Dr. Gupta further stated that after releasing CNN documentary Weed in August, he has been travelling across the globe, discussing and investigating about cannabis. He met patients and scientists to understand about the ancient plant. He has personally analyzed sitting in laboratories to discover the source of controversy and potential. His next documentary was recently releasedon March 11.

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