Wednesday , April 25 2018

Morning Glory

Picking a winner is easy at They’ve won plenty of awards, including in 2002 at the Cannabis Cup for a potent Sativa Dominant strain called Morning Glory. This plant seeks to combine the best of both worlds, by using 80% Sativa Genetics and only 20% Indica. Breeds like these take multiple generations and infusions of genetics to elicit the desired traits.

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The plant can be grown anywhere, but prefers climates that are cooler or temperate. The buds grow on long stems and become thick and resinous over the 10-week flowering period, where the plant will reach its max height of just under a meter. The yield of this wonderful flower is usually about 500 grams per square meter. Without the Indica influence, the flowering can take almost a month longer with lower expected yields because of smaller bud size.

The smoke is rather earthy which plays nicely in contrast with the sweet fruit aromas. The stoned is moderately heavy, which leaves one open to creativity and being active. Like many Sativa’s, this plant can give you a nearly exhilarating feeling that helps keep people of the couch and dispel the lazy stoner myth. That is not to say that this strain will not relieve aches and pains and leave one feeling relaxed and stress free, because it does that too.

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By combining a fruity Hawaiian Sativa, with an Afghani Indica and a Skunk plant, this plant becomes really complex. Smokers will get hints of Indica, while still being able to think that they might be confused and are really smoking a 100% Sativa. Perhaps it is precisely this mystery that draws so many towards this strain, but no matter what it remains an elegantly crafted marijuana strain worthy of compliments from the finest connoisseurs.

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