Wednesday , April 25 2018

Medical Cannabis Bill to Be Approved by Alabama Lawmakers

The medical cannabis bill that was supposed to get approved soon after marijuana was legalized is now getting green signal.The bill has unanimously been passed by both Senate and Alabama House this week and is now handed over to Robert Bentley, Gov and he said that he is going to sign the bill and very soon it will come under laws.

As per the bill and regulations, medical marijuana is legal if it has prescribed extract, called as cannabidiol or CBD. The medical grade extract CBD is non-intoxicating. In 1972, US Congress banned even the medical usage of marijuana.

Medical Cannabis

Marijuana supporters have been showing enough evidences that illustrate the effectiveness of medical marijuana; while on the other hand, opponents claim that government is forcibly legalizing pot to improve the economy, as marijuana industry is booming.

Some researchers have proved that it is safe and helpful to treat number of health conditions, such as anxiety, stress, and seizures and as of now, it has been approved by 20 states, as reported by Medical Marijuana ProCon.

The bill is being referred to as Carly’s Law and it is helping to control violent seizures in kids with extreme neurological disorder. The medical bill comprises of $1M in funding for research and CBD oil at the Alabama University, Birmingham. The extract is low in THC content, the main active element that makes users or smokers go high.Department of Neurology Chairman David Standaert said, “UAB will undertake research into the mechanisms underlying cannabidiol to learn more about its function and effect on seizures,”

Mike Ball, Republican state Rep is supporting the bill and so is the governor. So, it’s certainly only a matter of time before weed gets legalized in Alabama too.

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