Wednesday , April 25 2018

Marijuana Prices Are Dropping For Sure With All the Legal Production in USA


What would you expect after all those loosening of restrictions that held sway since the 1930s? Do you know what marijuana costs in India and where much of the supply comes from? If you pay a tiny fraction of the American cost in India, why should European countries pay comparatively large sums for one little gram to the tune of $ 10 in some countries? You might argue that the cannabis species are different and that the prices in the West have proverbially been higher. Yet it does not make sense! Production costs may be higher in America especially if grown indoors with all the high tech arrangements in place.

Why not outsource marijuana production like so many things else?

Clothes, electronics and even motor production are outsourced to cheaper economies like across the border Mexico and far other cheap countries. Why not outsource cannabis production? Some legal hurdles may have to be overcome of course or loopholes would have to be discovered.  India should also recommend marijuana for medical purposes and holy men there puffed spiritual highs for ages.  Such outsourcing would see a vast reduction in prices and not only can medicinal demands be met but also recreation encouraged in leaps and bounds.

The 5% price drop indicates the best that is yet to be!

Let us fix the prices of legal marijuana based on Colorado of course where most of the action exists. The price of $ 1735 per pound indicates a 5% reduction. That is only an indication because prices could range a great deal and black market prices can well be imagined. Yet if everything is legal the black market would sooner or later come under control too. High grade marijuana fetched $ 2100 for a pound in the same Colorado! Yet we understand the gradual easing of prices as the laws are loosening the stranglehold on marijuana production too.

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