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Marijuana Overdose: And Old Myth

“A large HMO looked at 65,177 men and women age 15-49. Over 10 years, marijuana users died no sooner than nonusers. […] second study looked at 45,450 Swedish army conscripts. They were 18-20 years old when asked about marijuana use. Fifteen years later, the marijuana users were just as likely to remain alive as nonusers.

(Source, accessed on May 2015)

The question is: is there something called cannabis overdose? The answer is quite simply “no, there isn’t.” This has been demonstrated by an incredible number of studies, like to two I mentioned in the quote than opens this post. If you smoke too much, you wont feel very well… but you won’t die.


As a matter of fact,  “a marijuana smoker would have to consume 20,000 to 40,000 times the amount of THC in a joint in order to be at risk of dying.” Basically, you would have to consume an amount of marijuana close to 1,500 pounds within fifteen minutes in order to kill yourself. That’s quite a challenge, trust me. However, while marijuana, it seems fair to claim, and I hope you will agree, is not a killer, there are other substances that kill people—a lot of people—everyday.

Recreational cannabis use could be legal after the votes

What would you say if I told you that “in 2010, overdoses were responsible for 38,329 deaths. Sixty percent of those were related to prescription drugs. In the same year, a total of 25,692 persons died of alcohol-induced causes, including accidental poisoning and disease from dependent use” (Source, accessed on May 2015). And things are not getting better.

According to the CDC, “an average of 6 people die of alcohol poisoning each day in the US.” How does it happen? “Very high levels of alcohol in the body can shutdown critical areas of the brain that control breathing, heart rate, and body temperature, resulting in death,” say the experts. Now: is there anyone out there who is able to tell me why on earth cannabis is “bad” and alcohol is “good” and legal everywhere in the world? 


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