Wednesday , April 25 2018

Marijuana Not Equivalent to Cocaine and Heroin According to Italian Drug Laws

The new law that states cannabis is not equivalent to heroin and cocaine could see many people getting released from jail, as earlier ruling automatically gets reversed with the latest change to the law.

The law relating cocaine with marijuana has been taken down from Italy, and this ruling might see 10,000 prisoners coming out from jail. The nation’s constitutional court said that the ruling was unlawful, without giving further explanations. This law was introduced back in 2006 by Silvio Berlusconi, while he was ruling the country.

Now, he has been blamed for causing jail overcrowding, due to possessing, cultivating, and selling marijuana, as the numbers have almost tripled. When he introduced this new law, hashish and cannabis became legally equal to heroin and cocaine that automatically increased sentences and punishments linked with crimes from six to twenty years and before the release, the jail term was two to six years.

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According to Antigone, prison rights group, 40 % of all criminals (prisoners) in Italy jail were serving ruling for drug related activities. Antigone said that Italian jails are the jam packed jails in the whole European Union, with nearly 62,000 prisoners held in cells constructed for less than 50,000 detainees.

After the verdict, the rule in place earlier to 2006 will once again change its impact; crime related activities, such as hard drugs, heroin, and cocaine will hold lengthier sentences than marijuana.

Society of Reason spokesperson, Franco Corleone said, “The so-called drug war as conceived in North America has been lost and it’s time to return to rational rules that distinguish between substances,”

Society of Reason is a human rights group that believes that ruling should be lawful and legal, distinguishing the substances. Not all drugs are same and hence jail sentences for drug criminals can’t be same. Carlo Giovanardi, Senator stated -“devastating choice from a scientific viewpoint and in the message it sends to young people that some drugs are less dangerous than others”.

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