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Marijuana and Creativity Go Joint in Hand

Marijuana has long been linked with creativity. Artists enjoy the substance because of the creative thoughts they have while under the effects of certain strains of marijuana, almost as if these strains are the performance enhancing drugs of the art world. So what about cannabis causes us to be more creative, and what strains are the best for inducing creative, heady highs?

In 2010 Morgan, Rothwell, et al. Found that one Tetrahydrocannabinols primary functions is increasing a process called Hyper Priming. This process is what allows us to make connections between thoughts, ideas, concepts, and objects which might normally seem entirely unrelated. This process is responsible for the epiphanic moments a person has while smoking.


Putting the Dope in Dopamine

Dopamine is released while smoking as well, which allows people to be more relaxed, which can help an artist express his or her self more liberally. Because of a tandem dissociative effect, that causes a person to feel distant from their body, people often feel as though their thoughts are flowing very freely through them. Other effects include increased blood flow to the right hemisphere of the brain.

Best Creative high Strains

As far as strains go, those that are principally Indica, or Indica blends are considered the most creative. Chocolate dream, Chronic, Girl Scout Cookies, Dutch Treat Haze, Moon Cheese, White Haze, Strawberry Diesel Kush and other Indica Sativa should be sampled if creativity is important to the smoker. Strains that are more dominant in the Indica spectrum, tend to be more creative, so purebred Indica strains are the most creative.

Because of the unique nature of marijuana strains, in reference to the cannabinoids that each strain contains, they each present a high that is individual. Read about the other effects of the strain to see which strain is best for the occasion.

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