Wednesday , April 25 2018

Legal marijuana shops and taxes too of course!

Legal changes come and go, some more sweeping than others like the gay revolution. Maybe people did not even dream of it but it has happened all right! First came Washington and Colorado and later Oregon and Alaska too. The states approved cannabis for recreational purposes which mean that they can be bought over the counter at plush shops according to certain guidelines. The age of 21 and suitably small amounts are some restrictions.

Can you grow cannabis too?

Legally growing cannabis is permitted too and that was only natural if consumption was allowed. Again certain restrictions apply like the number of plants an individual can possess.

What will the authorities do with the tax money generated?

In spite of constantly talking about millions and billions, the cash starved authorities could well use the money generated by cannabis lovers. The whole world loves that little exotic starry plant, liberally too with the star shaped leaves. You would go on a journey to the stars all right! Giving education facilities a boost, better maintenance and the creation of jobs perhaps could be achieved through the marijuana tax money collected. Besides, research continues into the medical wonders of the mild drug and that would be encouraged too by big money power. Indications make us believe that several diseases like cancer and asthma would benefit from the cannabis curative properties.

Mega scale illegal marijuana cultivation flourishes

Things are slowly changing but not yet. The decades of illegal marijuana cultivation and exorbitant street prices can hardly be curtailed so suddenly. The global cartels continue to reign supreme. Cannabis is the least dangerous of the drugs available and deserves a fair deal. While it is true that legalizing is the best bet, price control may gradually happen. Could we have imagined price control or MSRP on marijuana some years ago? How values change through the dramatic sweep of history!

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