Wednesday , April 25 2018

Intoxication or medication? America enthralled over marijuana issue

Of late America is enthralled and the senate is really on the move with the new marijuana bill. The senate says that the marijuana has some medicinal qualities and thus it must be legalized in the states for the medicinal purposes. Now this has been a long run discrepancy in the American senate. The senators are debating the topic. They say that marijuana is an object of intoxication and thus must not be legalized. Yet some more are constantly commenting that marijuana must be made legal to promote the goodness of the stuff.


The dispute

The bill that has been put in the order of the house says that this shall hereby allow the marijuana oil to be used as a part of the prescription to the people to be afflicted with epilepsy. The desk of Greg abbot is flanked for the same. This is seen as a first step to the legalization of the marijuana. The people say that this is the first step to the legalization of the marijuana.

The family strife

The Bauman family of the Texas is the pivot in the total dispute fight. The boy of the family named as Addison is afflicted with the therapeutic epilepsy. This is a malfunctioning of the brain. The doctors prescribe that a dose of the marijuana in regulating conditions can keep her safe. Thus, the family had appealed for the regularization and the legalization of  the marijuana.

The state speaks

This has been a long risen debate. If the marijuana is somewhere or the other legalized then that shall be the legalization of intoxication whereas if it is not, then that shall not save the lives of many.

The doctors and the senators are thinking on the cause, while, Addison waits the death. This is the real crisis.

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