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How to Cultivate a Marijuana Cup Winner?

Cannabis growers always look for best strains, which give top quality result; there are many strains and pros look for best one from a range of specialty genetics. When you cultivate cannabis plants that no one else have, you get to see increase in value for your strains, seeds, and more customers come forward to buy buds from you. The new generation breeders should know how the best herb is cultivated.

Cultivate Marijuana

There are many strains that won marijuana cup in past- Shoreline, Casey Jones, Skunk marijuana; there are many more strains to name. The varieties command big money and are highly prized at marijuana coffee shops.

Some growers follow the old school methods, while some add modern technology to come up with the best possible results. Keeping light and odor control, the growing phase has to be monitored with much precaution. Some strains mature early, while some turn purple after a prolonged time. Casey Jones is cross of Sour Diesel, Thai, and Train Wreck. This offers a powerful high, which is qualitatively unique over North American cannabis strains. To cultivate winning cups, growers might have to use Connoisseur base nutritionals along with Tarantula, Piranha, Voodoo juice, Bud Blood, Hammer Head, Bud Candy, and B52.

Clone versus Seed

Thinking which the better option is would be timeless debate; the starting technique that gives better buds is still the talk of the town. Though both seed and clone are useful, there are some drawbacks associated with both techniques. With seed method, you could encounter an issue of sexing the plants or there would be longer propagation problem. If you choose feminized seeds, the first problem would be solved, but there could be other issues associated with this method. Since feminized are designed making use of chemical or unnatural processes, there is a chance that it could develop into a heavily hermaphroditic plant.

Some cultivators find that the plant loses its vigor in clone’s process when compared with seeds. The new F1 gen seeds are a product of hybridization and hybrid vigor produces well with seeds. There could be some problem with initial root production and if you’re looking for larger root, then clone isn’t a suitable method, as heavier yields might to be supported by tiny, small roots.

Outdoor or Indoor

The seeds come specific to indoor and outdoor cultivation; there are a range of factors that impact the production. If the seed requires sun exposure and full spectrum of light, then outdoor cultivation is good; however, one has to be careful with other downsides such as pests, diseases, and storms.

Indoor growers need to take control on lighting and other environmental factors and it needs serious labor in the first few (initial) steps.

Nutrient supply (organic and natural) helps to bring out the true genetic potential of marijuana strains.

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