Grow A Hybrid Plant That Is Sweet And Strong At The Same Time

Strawberry Kush marijuana is a sensational plant. This plant lives up to its name, a plant that has strawberry fragrance and makes a person slight high. The plant is a hybrid between OC Kush and strawberry cough. The TCH content of this plant is between 15-17% and in some plants it is found to be 19% with negligible CBD compound. It gives you a euphoric feeling without knocking you down. The plant has less TCH to raise high level psychotic stimuli to your brain. It can be a good alternative for smokers because it has medicinal benefits unlike cigarettes. You can buy Strawberry Kush marijuana seed online also. The plant is easy to grow and it can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Grow plant in moderate temperature to get high yield and long lasting flowering period. The effect of the plant varies from user to user. By taking strawberry kush, you may feel relaxed and sexually aroused. This makes it an ideal thing to intake when you want to spend some cozy moment with your partner. The best part about this plant is that it makes you high and energetic but will never make your mind out of control. You will be in your senses and can control your mind unlike marijuana.

Benefits of this plant

  1. Cures stress and depression: This plant makes one carefree; it generates a feeling of positivity in the mind. It activates the euphoric hormones in our body and hence makes a person forget about his unnecessary worries of life. The risk of age related mental problem like ADHD, Alzheimer’s disease can also be mitigated by this plant. It also helps to cure bipolar disorder.
  2. Helps to cure migraine: Migraine is a chronic pain in head in which the person feels nauseous at the same time. Regular usage of this strawberry kush helps to mitigate both the symptoms of the disease.
  3. Helpful for cancer patient: It is tried and tested that usage of strawberry kush helps cancer patient to reverse its effect. The plant destroys the multiplying effects of cells of body. The plant is also beneficial to the cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy as it eases the pain in the body.
  4. Enhance sexual feeling: This plant also increases the level of testosterone in men’s body and level of estrogen in female’s body. If you are suffering from low libido, intake of strawberry kush can cure this problem. The plant is helpful in arousing seductive feeling in the person.
  5. Helps to increase your appetite: You can boost your appetite by this plant. This plant is also helpful in increasing the metabolism of the body.

Fragrance and flavor of the flower

The plant has a sweet aroma like that of sandalwood and herbs. When you will smoke strawberry kush you can smell strawberry aroma in the air. Some plants even have an aroma of citrus and pine.  The taste of the plant is a mix between sweet and spicy herb. The sweetness is that of strawberry and the spicy touch comes from OC Kush plant.

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