Wednesday , April 25 2018

Forget Legalization, Companies allow employees to use cannabis in Working Hours!

Oh the great days are come for cannabis. Companies in Colorodo are encouraging their staff to smoke it on working hours! They think it helps to increase productivity and ultimately the growth of company. Isn’t it a shocking news? I think cannabis lovers may be excited to know this so this content dedicates to all the chain smokers.

Flowhub’s founders addressing that to smoke cannabis at working hours increases the strength of employees and they can give 100% to their job. “The Mile High City is miles ahead when it comes to progressive work policies.” they added. Before few years they said to CNN that if it encouraging our staff to get the shit done on time, then we don’t have any problem to allow them to use in working time.

cannabis in working hours

What if all the companies in the world think like this?

I think there are below possibilities:

  1. More than 50% of the world will use marijuana seeds.
  2. Seedbanks of cannabis like high supplies will crack all the records of earning.
  3. It will be legalized in all over the world.
  4. People may consume it with their breakfast.

Kyle Sherman (the co founder of flowhub) also said “we don’t have any loss in our business if employees carries such things with them and even our main clients are also belongs to cannabis industries.

Let me tell you guys that flowhub is not alone in the market who allows to smoke while working, there are other companies like “MassRoots” and that popular cannabis dating application, “High there” who allow the same like flowhub does. Founder of “High there” says we belong to Denver, so we are in the heart of cannabis land, it’s a part of our culture!

The founder of MassRoots said “I got an idea to start MassRoots when I was with my friend’s apartment and smoking a weed. My philosophy is to double the turn over of the company and if cannabis helps to do that, then we should definitely allow it” Really we can say that this man is an idol for every entrepreneur who wants to start their own company and crazy about cannabis.

Though many cannabis industries like to work with etiquette and ethics, but I think very soon people will turns their thinking like those above mentioned companies already have.

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