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Delahunt and Colleagues Will Not Be Running Operations for Medical Marijuana

William Delahunt, a former congressman, and all of the other top executives at Medical Marijuana of Massachusetts won’t be running the company’s cultivation and dispensing operations in Mashpee, Plymouth, and Taunton. Since four decades, Delahunt has been taking part very actively in the Democratic politics. He has been a state representative, congressman and a district attorney from 1997 to 2011. Now, he is a federal and state lobbyist who has his clients from Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe for a bid for opening casino in Massachusetts.


The local officials at the South Shore were impressed by the executives at Medical Marijuana, Massachusetts. William Delahunt, formerly a congressman, was the Chief Executive of the group. The security was headed by a former US drug enforcement agent. This new company’s services for addiction prevention would be directed by the president of Cape Cod substance abuse treatment center, which is very famous.

The Police Chief, Michael E. Botieri, Plymouth stated that the team put was a very credible one when he met Delahunt and team last year. Three out of 20 licenses for medical marijuana dispensaries were awarded a week ago by the state Dept. of Public Health. But, Delahunt with other top level executives with their full time jobs won’t run the cultivation and dispensing operations of the company in Mashpee, Taunton, and Plymouth.

According to the review of all the winning applicants, the firm has provided very scant information to the state about Bulbul as compared to extensive backgrounds that was provided by other applicants for such critical positions.

Delahunt would be the chief executive of the company with highest salary of $250,000 among all the successful applicants for dispensary whereas many of the chief executives of other firms would be offered half of that amount as salary.

If the salaries of Delahunt and his four top executives are combined together, it would come to $1.1 million. However, an official of his company doubted about Delahunt and other executives for collecting salaries in the very first year of operation. Only his group was granted three licenses among all applicants. The former congressman’s success in the sweepstakes of license has been a matter of discussion under focus among the competitors that if anything is untoward in the selection process. Delahunt was friends with the agency head that awarded licenses. But, the state officials and Delahunt insist that the awards and everything was done above board.

Earnie Blackmon stated that it is important for marijuana cultivation operation to have a right person who has an experience of cultivation to run it. There is no medicine without proper cultivation that leads to unsuccessful system.

The deputy police chief John Carmichael Jr. in Walpole and one member from the selection committee have said that in spite of the fact that the panel was not having the names of top executives of the company, it did have information about professional backgrounds of the executives.

So, they knew about the Delahunt’s company, and according to them, he was a strong applicant. Carmichael said, “Nobody cared who the face was.”

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