Wednesday , April 25 2018
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Change In Views Of The Public

Views of the public changed these days about cannabis. There are many surveys revealing the support for cannabis. Almost fifty percent of the population in the U.S.A is towards making cannabis legal. But there is an opposition of fifty percent for making it illegal too. Parents who have teenagers in their house are surely against the production of Cannabis. Some citizens are neutral wherein they are not interfering into the survey as they are not affected by the production in any way. Many people in the U.S.A have used Marijuana at any part of their life says a survey.

Both Pros And Cons At The Production Of Cannabis

production of cannabis

According to any government, all over the world cannabis, is still a drug and not legalized. There are many health hazards which make the people helpless, mentally and physically in continuous use. But this drug is useful for many people who like to stay away from pain. Cannabis is used as medicine but in a very small quantity. The growth of cannabis is not a welcoming idea for the people. These plants should not be grown near the public buildings like schools or offices. When one lot of people are welcome, there is another lot who are frightened in the number of marijuana users.

Use it Wisely As drug

use cannabis wisely

There are many people who have started with the production of marijuana. There may be opposition, but the money got from this commercial crop may be satisfying. The sellers should have a full license for production and selling. The people suffering from chronic seizures have good relief when they use this product. The government should really look into the matter of such patients who are really in need of this drug. In developed countries, the production may be controlled but some developing countries, there may be a reverse effect which may break down the economy. There are small, good effects of cannabis, but bad effects are more.

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