Wednesday , April 25 2018
cannabis use from school

Cannabis Are Grown Far From Schools

However broad minded the people are there is a pull back when there is the topic of cannabis. The parents are fully opposing the legalization of cannabis. When it was illegal in itself, many people were falling prey for addiction and if it is legalized there may be more victims. If used wisely cannabis is a good drug for the chronic seizures and epilepsy. Growing of cannabis is opposed in the immediate neighborhood of schools or community areas. There are many surveys supporting the growing of cannabis. At least fifty percent of people from developing countries are towards the growth of cannabis.

Used As Pain Killers

pain killer cannabis

Many governments may not have legalized the production. The demand for cannabis, which can easily replace the painkillers in the medical world is more. Rather than over using it as drug addicts it is better to use as drugs which will give relief for many patients. There are no many side effects if cannabis is used in small quantities. Once cannabis is legalized the users are also reduced and the price also goes down. Nature has given this product for using for the patients who are in pain and cannot tolerate it. This will be the best medicine to be prescribed by doctors.This link can help to get idea of how to grow marijuana.

Should Not Be Forced On Poorer Countries

don't missuse cannabis

Though there is a lot of opposition by people especially parents. It is the duty of the people to see that cannabis is not misused. The production of cannabis should be watched closely so that it is not misused. There is already the history of opium, which was inducted into the poorest countries to get more profit for the developed countries. Developing countries should not put their force into the developing countries or poorer countries to get some profit for them. There is always a demand for cannabis in the medical world as it is proved to be a good medicine.

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