Wednesday , April 25 2018

Cannabis – A Lethal Confluence of Pleasure and Obsession

During the initial years of 70s, cannabis was a fashion and pot culture flourished like anything. Cannabis was not debarred by any political or legal obligation. People felt free to discuss about the stuff and rather used to get fearlessly high. It was only due to the virtual conception about cannabis being harmless as it is yielded from natural herb. People addicted to cannabis display variant physiological behavior.

Recently as per a survey, it was found that cannabis is most popular among teenagers. After smoking the stuff, people feel lethargic but smoke it for amusement or recreation. But as per conventional literature that teaches us that excess of anything is bad, the same is applicable for cannabis also.


Cannabis users display unrestrained behavior and also a delighted mood. The recreation stuff leads to a relaxed phase in no time, so the grass is so much liked across the globe. In many ancient mythologies, cannabis has been considered as Prasad, a devotional offering made for god. So, there are many self accepted dogmatic and virtual realities that resist people from getting rid of the weed.

But today, medical science has developed and procured answers to every unique perception-cannabis addiction is highly fatal like any other drug. The addiction of cannabis is no less than any other serious obsession. Unless and until the user doesn’t smoke a puff of it, he feels that he is not competent enough to accomplish any task. Sometimes, consumption of high amount causes hallucinations and transits the body and mind to an unconscious state, which means your feelings become turbulent like at the concerned moment you feel amused and the next moment you get depressed.


Cannabis can only be treated with support of any strong volunteer who can arrange any rehab. It’s very rare case when any addicted user is found to volunteer for treatment. The counselors at the rehabs follow psychological methods to treat the addicted person. Medications are only required in worst case, that too if necessary. The retreat period is very strenuous as it’s equal to any rebirth theory where people try to come back to their normal life.

Patients recently treated at rehabs show higher level of affinity towards the drug and are most likely to setback after a period of improvement, so it’s a part of duty of their family members and friends to keep them aloof from the weed.

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