Wednesday , April 25 2018

Bill Passed for Legalization of Medical Cannabis in Georgia’s House of Representatives

A medical marijuana bill was recently passed in Georgia’s House of Representatives. As the bill has made its way to the state Senate, many parents wait for the result in anxiety. Amazingly, house bill 885 passed by an overwhelming majority of 171-4. This is the proof that medical marijuana is slowly, but surely going to obtain national legalization.


The Haleigh’s Hope Act

Haleigh’s Hope Act is named after four-year old Haleigh who suffers from hundreds of seizure attacks a day. This act would support growing of cannabis under strict restrictions in the state of Georgia. However, meanwhile Haleigh and her mother are going to move to Colorado from Georgia where she can get instant access to the highly needed cannabis oil treatment, because marijuana has already been legalized over there, and thousands of citizens are currently benefiting from the opportunity to use weed for medicinal purposes (and of course recreational purposes too!).

Several States Looking to Legalize Weed

With this growth in momentum, more and more states are looking at legalization of medical marijuana and with this radical change in the attitude, people, who have been waiting for this for a long time are not quite optimistic about good results.

Few states are moving at a much faster rate than the others to fulfil the demands of its constituents. As more and more of these strict laws are going to be removed, more and more lives are going to be saved with the medical cannabis. And, of course, the states are going to benefit immensely from the big money collected in form of tax revenues on sales of these cannabis products.

So, the day isn’t too far when all the states would eventually end up legalizing medical marijuana.

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