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Monthly Archives: May 2015

Marijuana Overdose: And Old Myth

“A large HMO looked at 65,177 men and women age 15-49. Over 10 years, marijuana users died no sooner than nonusers. […] second study looked at 45,450 Swedish army conscripts. They were 18-20 years old when asked about marijuana use. Fifteen years later, the marijuana users were just as likely to remain alive as nonusers.“ (Source, accessed on May 2015) The ...

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Can Cannabis Kill Pain?

Let’s consider these quotes for a minute: “Results reveal that on average, the 13 states allowing the use of medical marijuana had a 24.8 percent lower annual opioid overdose mortality rate after the laws were enacted than states without the laws, indicating that the alternative treatment may be safer for patients suffering from chronic pain related to cancer and other ...

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Guess who smoked some pot?

Let’s carry out a sociological experiment together. Close your eyes. Now, imagine a cannabis plant. Do you have it in your mind? Good. Next step, think about a bag full of marijuana—yes, a transparent bag full of ganja. Someone is opening that bag; s/he is getting ready to roll a joint. The hands move with precision, the person clearly know ...

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